DSIR Annual Reports (English Version) 2015-2016


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Highlights of Annual Report 2015-16 pdf(Download:132 KB)

1. An Overview pdf(Downloade:485 KB)

2. Access to Knowledge for Technology Development and Dissemination (A2K+) pdf(Download:485 KB)

3. Promoting Innovations in Individuals, Start-Ups and MSMEs (PRISM) pdf(Download:464 KB)

4. Building Indusrtial Research & Development and Common Research Facilities (BIRD-CRF) pdf(Download:1.21 MB)

5. Patent Acquisition and Collaborative Research and Technology Development (PACE) pdf(Download:835 KB)

6. Implementation of RTI Act 2005 pdf(Download:739 KB)

7. Autonomous Bodies 

8. Public Sector Enterprises

9. Administration & Finance pdf(Download:236 KB)

10. Financial Summary pdf(Download:125 KB)



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