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National Research Development Corporation, was established in 1953 as a Govt. of India enterprise and is presently working under the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology with the objective to develop, promote and transfer of technologies emanating from various national R& D institutions. The Corporation has been offering the services from its head office in New Delhi and branch office at Bangalore in improving the manufacturing base in India with innovative technologies and acting as an effective catalyst translating innovative research into marketable industrial products. During the past five decade of its operations, the Corporation has forged strong links with various R & D organizations in the country as well as from abroad. The Corporation is now recognized as a large repository of wide range of technologies spread over almost all areas of industries, viz. Chemicals including Pesticides, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Technology, Metallurgy, Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation, Building Materials, Mechanical, Agriculture and Food, etc.

The Corporation has been exporting proven technologies and services to entrepreneurs /industries both in the developed as well as the developing countries. It has so far exported technologies to several countries like USA, Germany, Malaysia, Burma, Nepal, Senegal, Indonesia, Madagascar, Philippine, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Brazil and Bangladesh.

Programmes and Activities
Promotional : Commercial :

I. Invention Promotion Programme (IPP)

  • Proving Prize Award & WIPO Award to Meritorious Inventions

  • Protecting Inventions through IPR 

  • IPR Consultancy

  • Incentive to Scientists

  • Publication of S&T Magazines "Invention Intelligence" (English) and "Awiskar" (Hindi) to cater the information needs of inventors, scientists, students and industry 

II. Technology Promotion Programme (TPP)

  • Promotion of Rural and Household Technology

  • Export of Technology

  • Informatics for Technology Transfer

  • Technology Development Programme for Priority Projects

Commercialization of know-how / Inventions

  • Licence technologies to industry

  • Provide conditional grants for development of Technologies to R&D laboratories/industries for setting up pilot plants to prove/scale up laboratory processes prior to commercialization

  • Provide IPR Consultancy services to R&D institutes/industries

  • Export Indigenous Technologies/ know-how

  • Participate in equity to facilitate formation of new ventures using indigenous technologies

  • Execute turnkey projects abroad based on indigenous technologies

The Managing Director

National Research Development Corporation

(A Government Of India Enterprise)

Phone: +91 11 26419904, 26417821, 26480767, 26432627

Fax: +91 11 26460506, 26478010, 26231877 


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