Strategic Plan

Stake-holder's Consultations

All the departments in the Government of India have been directed by the Cabinet Secretariat to prepare a Strategic Plan of their department for the next five years. Stake-holders consultations is an important part of this exercise so as to align the departmental strategy with stake-holders expectations.

Strategy building exercise has begun in DSIR. Collective internal consultations have given rise to a departmental aspiration, viz. to enable India to be a leading innovative country in the world. While objectives/goals and strategies are being discussed to realize this aspiration, DSIR would like to have interactions with industry.

Secondly, all departments have a Citizens/Clients Charter that is hosted on their official websites. These charters list a set of services offered by various departments to its citizens/clients. As per the directives of Cabinet Secretariat and Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, it is required to make these charters - Sevottam compliant, or to ensure high quality of service delivery to citizens/clients. To ensure improved quality of services, it is essential to hold stake-holders consultations to identify the appropriate indicators as well as the standards that should be maintained for high quality of service delivery. Examples of indicators could be waiting time (e.g. for counter services), frequency of service (e.g. for house-to-house garbage collection), time of service (e.g. for water supply) or adequacy of service (e.g. hours of availability of electricity). Service standards are normally set after taking into account the expectations of service recipients, resource position of the Ministry / Department, and any unique characteristics of the Ministry/Department that impact service standards. 

DSIR would like to hold discussions with industry to get their valuable inputs on the above two issues, as industry is the most important stake-holder of DSIR.

Please direct inputs at ashwani[at]nic[dot]in

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