Technology Development and Utilization Programme for Women (TDUPW)


The program is aimed to meet specific needs of women and to enhance their contribution towards technology capability building. The objectives of the programme are: 

  1. Promoting the adoption of new technologies by women.
  2. Awareness creation and training of women on technology related issues with regard to women.
  3. Promoting Technology up gradation (through technologies developed by scientific establishments) of micro, small and medium enterprises run by women Self Help Groups (SHGs)/ entrepreneurs.
  4. Showcasing of appropriate technologies developed by scientific establishments and organizing demonstration programmes for the benefit of women.
  5. Design and development of products, processes (by utilizing waste) beneficial to women.
  6. Diffusion of technologies developed by scientific establishments for reduction of drudgery and empowerment of women.
  7. Provide support to women in establishing their own enterprise.

TDUPW-Skill Satellite Centre:

The department not only backs initiatives focused on introducing technological advancements in activities and operations centered around women but also extends its support to the establishment of  Skill Satellite Centres. These centers are designed to cater to various areas such as mushroom cultivation, horticulture, medicinal plants, pottery, fisheries, sericulture, food processing, among others.
The primary objective of these  Skill Satellite Centres  is to provide essential infrastructure for enhancing the technological capabilities of local women and Self-Help Groups. This collaboration involves working closely with state governments and other relevant agencies. The overarching goal of these centers is to equip women beneficiaries with comprehensive skills, including financial literacy and Entrepreneurship Development.
Through these initiatives, women are empowered and equipped to either initiate new enterprises or expand their existing ones. By fostering a conducive environment for skill development and entrepreneurship, the centers play a vital role in facilitating economic growth and self-reliance among women in the community.


Nature of Proposals:
DSIR under its “Technology Development and Utilization Programme for Women (TDUPW)” provides assistance for those projects which are relevant to technology development and utilization by women with special emphasis to technologies developed by scientific establishments. In particular, the projects of the following nature are eligible for assistance:

  1. Technology development and dissemination, which can reduce the drudgery, lead to capacity building and economically empower women. Projects will be supported in areas like food processing, health and hygiene, nutrition etc. Projects in the areas of ICT are not supported under the programme.
  2. Use of technology to promote capacity building and competitiveness of women.

Types of Organizations:
The Organizations in the Government, non-Government sectors and professional bodies working on areas related to development/dissemination of technologies for women with adequate experience in the field, are eligible for financial assistance. Organizations seeking assistance under the programme should belong to one of the following categories:

  1. Institutions receiving annual recurring grants from the Central or State Government Agencies, Indian Universities, academic institutions, R&D institutions and Institutions having a distinct legal entity (as per Rule 228 of GFR 2017).
  2. Institutions registered under the Societies Registration Act.
  3. Trusts registered under Indian Trusts Act.


Click Here for TDUPW Guidelines and Application Format (Download 296KB)pdf Click Here (Download 296KB)msword [27/12/2021]

Click Here for TDUPW Skill Satellite Centres Guidelines and Application Format  Click Here (Download 305KB)pdfmsword [27/12/2021]

Submit online application :

The “Technology Development and Utilization Programme for Women (TDUPW)” program of DSIR is launched on service Plus Platform. Organizations/ Institutes intending to apply to DSIR for financial assistance under TDUPW program are requested to submit their application online on Service Plus Portal. Those interested in submitting proposal have to register at this portal and submit the proposal online. Please read detailed instructions(Download 466KB)pdf and application format available on the portal carefully before submitting the proposal.

In addition, kindly note that non-government voluntary organizations are also required submitting Organization’s Unique ID in NGO Darpan Portal while registering at service Plus Platform for filing online application. On submission of the application online, they should take printout and get it signed by head of the institution and submit one set of hard copy along with all the annexures, attachments etc. to DSIR by Speed-post.

Click here to submit online application for financial assistance under TDUPW program.


DSIR celebrated International Women’s Day- March 8, 2023:TDUPW/A2K+ scheme organized an event called "DigitAll: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality"  (Download 1.97MB)pdf[01/06/2023]

Report :

Click Here for Desk report on social and economic contributions of women in Manipur 2022 (Download 2.4MB) pdf [01/06/2023]

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