Ministry of Science & Technology
Department of Scientific & Industrial Research

Technology Development and Demonstration Program (TDDP)

The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) proposes to strengthen the interface between industry, R&D establishments and academic institutions and provide catalytic support for development and demonstration of innovative product and process technologies, traversing the journey from proof of concept or laboratory stage to pilot stage, rendering them fit for commercialization.

1. Objectives

(a) Development and demonstration of innovative need-based technologies for making industry competitive, and 

(b) Strengthening the interface between industry, R&D establishments and academic institutions

2. Sector of Interest

Any sector leading to industrially useful applications.

3. Project Proposals

The technology development projects should aim at development of a new product or a process (including development of process equipment) with attractive market potential. The projects should result in significant benefits in terms of raising the technological level of the industry concerned, high turnover, energy and material savings/recovery, export sales etc.  

Nature of Proposals supported –

(a) Development of a new or improved product resulting in prototype development and ending with demonstration in commercial environment.

(b) Development of a new or improved process resulting in establishment of process know-how, development of process equipment and demonstration of yield, efficacy etc in a pilot plant.

(c) Absorption and up-gradation of imported technology.

(d) Priority technology development projects of PSUs in consultation with and co-financing from economic ministries. Under this, consortium projects for development of technologies of common interests for group of industries or associations to be undertaken by industrial units, national laboratories, user industries in important focused areas such as Electronics and Communications, Railways, Drugs, Chemicals & Fertilizers, etc. shall be supported.

(e) Development & demonstration of technologies for common use by cluster of industries.

(f) Development & demonstration of technologies for government’s flagship and mission mode projects.

So far, around 200 projects involving industrial units and scientific establishments, both in public and private sector, have been supported by the Department involving DSIRs share of about Rs. 100 crore in the total project costs of around Rs. 250 crore. These projects cover products and processes in various important industries such as, electrical, electronics, semiconductors, telecommunications, embedded software, instrumentation, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, earth moving and industrial machinery, chemicals, drugs, pharmaceuticals and explosives.

Click here to see the list of Projects Supported under TDDP  

Activities supported

The partial financial support by DSIR primarily covers prototype development, cost of pilot plant, cost of process equipment development, test and evaluation of products, user trials etc. Bulk of the financial support to the projects has to be from industry’s resources. The financial support from DSIR is mainly to meet part of the developmental expenditures for:

a. Personnel costs (specialists employed, part-time/full–time/contract basis, exclusively for specified activities);

b. Consultancy (cost of indigenous consultancy and equivalent services used exclusively for the research activity, including research, technical knowledge, patents, etc);

c. Patenting;

d. Running costs (such as expenditure towards raw materials, consumables, hardware/ software tools, components/sub-assemblies for prototype, equipment for pilot plant etc. incurred directly as a result of proposed research activity)

e. Testing, trials & certification.

f. Support is available only for the innovative element in the project.

4. Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

The proposals can be made by industrial units, either on their own or jointly with research/ educational institutions. If the projects involve collaboration with/assistance from national research/educational institutions, international bodies/companies, individuals, the proposals should clearly highlight the scope of work and responsibilities of each entity participating in the project. MoUs between the concerned entities, towards this should be submitted.

5. Application Procedure

The application formats for making the project proposals – 

for new product development is given at Annexure-I;

for new process development is given at Annexure-II.

Guidelines and Application Format: For Development and Demonstration of Innovative Product and Process Technologies [Download as RTF or PDF]  [18 JUN 10]

Proposals (in 5 hard copies and a soft copy in USB device) on the above lines are invited from innovative and technologically oriented industrial firms with a good financial track record. These proposals should be forwarded by the Chief Executive/Managing Director of the industrial units or head of research/educational institutions to:

Shri Ashwani Gupta
Scientist 'G' and I/c (TPDU)
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi-110016

Tel: 011-2686 6123, 2659 0257
Fax: 011-2696 0629
Email: ashwani[at]nic[dot]in  
Shri Indu Bhaskar
Scientist 'F' and Team Leader (TPDU)
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi-110016

Tel: 011-2652 9627, 2659 0362
Fax: 011-2696 0629
Email: nrfc[at]nic[dot]in

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